About Us

Al Hujjah publication was established in 2006 as a means to assist Masjid Al Muslimeen of New York in their efforts to keep their doors open. At any rate unfortunately their doors were close which brought about great sorrow to the New York Muslim Salafi community so the publication decided to continue with the propagation of Islâm in the New York area as well as in America as a whole. We have worked with some organization such as DTSSBC, Authentic Statements of Philadelphia, Masjid Rahmah of New Jersey as well as Masjid Ihkwaa and other Dawah centers in the New York area. We have also sought out the advice of Shaikh Ubaid al-Jaabaree (may Allah preserve him) regarding Dawah here in America with the assistance of our brother Mustafa George (may Allâh reward him) as well as advice regarding the publication from Shaikh Raslan (may Allah preserve him) with the assistance of one his students Abu Abbaad Abdul-Mutakabir (may Allah reward him).

In addition, we have held tele-links with the following scholars such as the likes of  Shaikh Al-Jarboo of Saudi Arabia a Professor from the College of Da’wah “Usool ud-Deen", and a former head of the 'Aqeedah Department at Medinah University.], Dr. Shaikh Iyaad Ibn 'Abdillah al-Mihtab Abu 'Abdillah He carries a P.H.D. in Hadith and Fiqh-us-Sunnah. Also he is a member of Da'wah and the Guidance Office and a Professor in the Islamic University of Medina, K.S.A in the College of Hadith, by the permission of Allah and with the assistance of our brother Muhammad Ibn Muneer ‘Abdul-Hameed a student of the University of Medinah (may Allah reward him). As well as Shaikh Talaat of Egypt his Present Employment is: Assistant Ustâdh (i.e., Professor), in the Facility of Aadâb (i.e., Islâmic Morals & Manners), of Jâmee'ah-tul-Iskandareeyat, with the aide and assistance of our Nuhu ‘Abdullah who is a student of Shaikh Raslan as well as a student of Al-Azhar University (may Allah reward him).

AHP has published over 13 publications since we began publishing in 2006 by the grace and mercy of Allâh the Almighty which there is neither power nor might without Him Aameen. Insha Allâh we will be able to continue with His permission and your support. We are now in the process of setting up lectures with the scholars of the Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia we hope to establish classes with them as well Insha Allâh. We ask for your continued support and supplications in these endeavors of ours.  

About the founder

His name is Abu Abdillah Tawheed Abdush’Shakur who at the age of 20 was shot and paralyzed from the neck down while living in Harlem. Then he moved in Goldwater Memorial Hospital located on Roosevelt Island. After living there for about seven years he accepted Islâm in his fourth year living there at the age of 25, then after his seventh year he relocated to a residential apartment on the Island itself and about a month after that he was blessed with a wife and they are still married to this very day Aameen.

He has tried to galvanize the Muslims to work together for the betterment of the Muslims communities he has worked with individuals known to be Imams and callers to Islâm. He believes that everyone can do something for this religion no matter how small it may be there are no excuses, so do not let your condition hinder your growth in the religion of Islâm, because this religion will assist you if you do your part.